Monday, December 3, 2012

This is Halloween, Everybody Make a Scene...

Since I didn't share our Halloween photos with y'all, I figured I'd do so now! :)

A was Pablo from the Backyardigans, M was a witch, and H was the grim reaper. I wore my brother's Jiu-Jitsu gi, a cheap fix for a last minute costume! Lol!

The kids weren't allowed to wear costumes to school, so the picture of them in casual clothes is what they wore to school.

My nephew's mom brought him by to see us also. He was dressed as Spongebob, of course! He's obsessed with "Mouth," as he calls him!

There's also a pic of the candy I bought to signify the beginning of fall ;) and about half of our stash of candy from trick-or-treating. Since I'm posting from my phone, I'm not sure they'll upload in order. :(

How was your Halloween? What did your little ones dress up as? Share the link to your post if you blogged about it so I can catch up with everyone!


  1. Awwww....everyone is so cute! Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  2. What did you do with all that candy??? Looks like you got some really nice treats.

  3. Tons of candy! Ours seems to just slowly disappear (or is it that mom reaches in each day and removes a large handful to recycle to the stocking stuffer pile?)

  4. Can't believe Halloween was just a little over a month ago!! What a LONG month! Your kids look so cute!

  5. You got so much candy. I love their costumes. How cute are they!

  6. That is a lot of candy! I would have loved a haul like that when I was young. The kids all looked so cute, too.

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast! And look at the haul you got! We had three pumpkins choc full of candy.


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