Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Game Day!

Marissa is cheering for the middle school basketball team this year! They had their first game Monday and she did great! They have another game tonight... soooo much running! Nothing I wouldn’t do for my babies, though! 

I’ve been doing pretty good with having dinner either cooked before we leave for the games, or in the crockpot ready to eat when we get back! Recipes coming soon!

What you can’t tell in this photo is that shortly after I snapped it, she took a cup of hot chocolate with her to school... AFTER her dad told her she wasn’t allowed to this morning... and then called me crying because she spilt it on her uniform on her way to school! Ohhh, and then it was my fault because “you saw me take it with me.” Umm, when I’m rushing to get three kids out the door in the morning, and you’re carrying a bookbag, a cheer bag, AND a gym bag, no, I didn’t really notice the cup of hot chocolate in your hand!! 

Y’all, I’m gonna lose it one of these days... and today might be the day!! 

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