Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Keep Swimming :)

Yesterday was my day off from work (since I worked Sunday) and it was 95 degrees here with a heat index of like 105 (ughhhh, this kinda heat is NOT meant for fat girls!!), so once Hunter got out of school and my BFF got off work (the hubs plays in a golf league on Wednesdays), we took the kids to a local lake. I hadn't been there since I was a teenager and didn't really remember much about it, but I am SO glad we went! The kids had the BEST time! I'm considering buying a season pass now.

BTW, I borrowed my friend's Fuji waterproof camera for these pics... I HAVE to buy one now! :)

Ew, excuse me with no make-up! LOL!

After we were done swimming, we took the kids for ice cream at Willy's... the best ice cream around! Heaven! What a wonderful day!! :)

OH!!! And I almost forgot... guess who got tickets yesterday to go see these fine men on Saturday?!

(Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, Zac Brown Band, and Kenny Chesney)

...THIS GIRL!!! We couldn't find anyone to babysit the kids though, so Ivan's staying home with them and my cousin Carrie is going with me. I'm SOOOO excited!! :)


  1. We saw Zac Brown play at a baseball game a summer or two ago, he put on a great show!

  2. Yeah, they're amazing live! I saw them in Richmond, Va the weekend before I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, Aleah! :)

  3. Looks like y'all had a ton of fun swimming! Thanks for stopping by and following us : )

  4. awesome concert- I love country!!!! I love the buried in the sand pic too:)

  5. I miss going to the lake!! It looks like yall had a lot of fun out there. I would definitely not pass on a chance to see Kenny, whether the boy went or not!

    Thanks for the follow!

  6. Great pictures! I am soooo jealous of your concert tickets. I love the Zac Brown band (they are from my hometown).

    Following along...

  7. Love the pictures, especially the littles buried in the sand, soo cute!! Oh and I am SO jealous you got those tickets, oh man, that is going to be a fabulous concert!

    Following you back now :)

  8. You look good w/ no makeup;). Thanks for following, following you back.

  9. sweet kiddo pics!! that concert is gonna be hot :D

  10. Looks like a lot of fun! I wish we could go to the beach. But it's June and still not beach weather. Where's the sun?

  11. Hi! What a great way to spend the day!!
    I'm a new follower from the hop! Your blog is very sweet!

    Hope you can hop by and visit my blog too!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Haha, those photos of your kids buried in the sand made me laugh so hard! D'aw, all of the photos are so cute, I'm glad you had a nice time. And enjoy the concert. :D

  13. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had fun! Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop! See you next weekend,

  14. kyles mom went to that concert. said tht kenny had like a random twitch lol


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